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AUFIN DEFI: Allows you to earn passive income in cryptocurrencies without the need for manual intervention.


The Aufin protocol makes decentralized finance (DeFi) friendlier and more accessible to casual investors. One way they do this is through the Aufin Autostaking Protocol which provides an innovative, user-friendly approach to earning rewards that can be deposited into one’s own portfolio and earn interest independently of any centralized payment system.

Aufin is an AI-driven blockchain protocol powered by a new class of Artificial Intelligence: Cognitive Computing. Aufin defines a data structure called Cognitive Object, to store valuable data. Cognitive Objects are linked together in immutable blockchain-based graphs, and can be queried, updated, and shared by third parties. This enables a new form of open data that is decentralized, transparent and accountable. Aufin provides on-demand and trusted data by facilitating a marketplace where data providers can monetize their data and data consumers can buy the data they need from trusted sources. Aufin has a very attractive token sale structure. There is a total supply of 100 million tokens, with 60% of them being sold to the public in two stages, the first of which is a private sale. The remaining 40% will be sold through two public sales, for a total of 10 million tokens sold each time. The public sale price will be lowered slightly each time to create a discount for early buyers.

The Aufin Autostaking protocol is designed to be friendly and accessible to new investors. By using AI technologies such as machine learning and deep reinforcement learning, it will make Aufin confident in its role as the most profitable blockchain-based investment platform in existence while regularly rewarding users. Along with its ongoing features, such as payments at any time, this is a platform like no other that will ensure that you get the returns you need while keeping your investment safe and anonymous.

Aufin Protocol revolutionizes DeFi with the Aufin Autostaking Protocol that offers the highest fixed APY, rebasing rewards every 10 minutes, and an intuitive buy-hold-earn system that grows your portfolio securely in your wallet.

Aufin was founded on changing things for the better – literally. We are here to improve the lives of those around us by making them more financially secure and creating a means through which they will be able to take care of themselves and their loved ones if necessary.

Aufin seeks to develop a decentralized financial application that allows users to benefit from this service. Some of their service offerings have $AUN tokens as rewards for active participation or passive use.





Aufin Insurance is a 5% risk buffer used to help stabilize token prices. It also helps to ensure that all stakeholders will receive their rewards, even if the market experiences an unexpected downturn.


With Aufin tokens, you will always have access to your tokens and can use them in your business as freely as you need at any given point 24/7 when needed. All you have to do is buy & hold as you automatically receive the prize in your own wallet, which means no more complicated betting process is required due to the fact that there is no pre-defined period during which you can and cannot make transactions with money. in your account.


You don’t have to worry about staking your tokens because the automatic smart contract will handle everything for you. Interest is paid automatically and also pooled in your own wallet. Nothing is easier!


Aufin rewards investors with the highest interest rates in all of decentralized finance, paying 480,419.00% interest in the first 12 months. The reward rate drops around Epoch which is a special time that happens every 2,300 blocks or roughly every 21 hours on average.


The Aufin Protocol pays every investor in its program every day. It is the fastest compounding crypto program out there, and also SECURE as payments are made using our trading bots and algorithms.


One of the great things about Aufin is The Fireplace – which is our token burning feature which automatically burns 2.5% of all tokens purchased on our exchange every transaction. So ensuring there is never an excessive number of tokens on the market, and if there is, it will be very clear to anyone with open eyes that something fishy is not right!


Aufin uses a proprietary trading algorithm that affects Rebase Rewards. The algorithm is affected by the percentage of the cost of buying/selling trades generated in Aufin’s BTC, ETH and NEM wallets.

The rebasing reward, although capped at the 0.01613% rate is supported by The Rebase Insurance which helps maintain interest rates for the $AUN token in the long term. While this is good to know, it doesn’t necessarily relate to new token holders so we can make a few key points that sum it all up nicely.

When it comes down to it, Aufin Insurance saves members from the risk of getting caught in a flash crash. What makes us so effective is our protocol’s ability to keep prices stable over time. Our commitment to sustainability and stability means that we will always have many options for enhancing growth. We can also save members from drying out because our protocols are designed with the best interests of individuals in mind and do not take advantage of them as other financial institutions might.


The Aufin Treasury is like a bank account but specifically designed to protect the value of the Aufin Network Token. With that said, we can rest assured that no one will devalue the Aufin token and our existing bitcoin holdings in the process.

It is very important to have a sense of humor when it comes to the market. While we don’t expect the value of $AUN to drop at all, setting aside some money for a rainy day can be a wise move for many reasons: – You may want to pay employees if you need additional resources but don’t have the time or inclination to deal with hiring so it’s like used to leave it off your plate (enhancement) – you may want to lock in some tokens as “skins in the game” as part of the ICO bonus structure (enhancement) Yup, we get that long term trading isn’t something everyone likes.

The community treasury is a pool of money from which the entire Aufin community can choose how to distribute it! The concept and idea of ​​treasury was first designed about three years ago. Since then, the community treasury has been put to good use and has helped sustain the growth of many of Aufin’s products, services and projects. The treasury will continue to be used to fund new items that will not only expand the value of Aufin but also help in providing new great opportunities!

AUFIN fireplace

Aufin Fireplace is a way to burn or destroy a certain amount of coins (2.5% of all transactions). The more transactions that are made, the more coins are destroyed which means the circulating supply decreases and the transactions become more valuable over time.

The constant burning of supply means that the value of the token will automatically be worth more, due to its reduced quantity in circulation and increased demand.


Aufin Auto-Liquidity will inject liquidity into the network. The first use case of our decentralized platform is to use $AUN as a method to unlock instant liquidity. On each exchange process, Aufin collects a small fee and directs the money automatically to the LP wallet. A management mechanism is built into the protocol smart contract, which then takes 50% of the funds and buys BNB whenever needed automatically.

All remaining $AUN in the Auto-Liquidity Project (ALP) wallet will be used to purchase BNB, increasing the supply of BNB and thereby increasing its price. This method is known as market creation, and is a common way for new and existing cryptocurrency exchanges to increase liquidity.

Aufin Auto-Liquidity will be conducted every two days to add liquidity to the pool. This way, holders of $AUN tokens will be able to easily sell their tokens at any given time and avoid major market slumps that could indicate a decline in value. #Aufin Auto -Liquidity will also help maintain protocol stability so that APY levels are maintained throughout their lifetime.


APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield which represents your Earnings as a percentage of the total investment amount. This number is used to measure how well your money is performing in the investment, measured against the total value of the investment in a certain period. For example if you invest $AUN tokens this means that compound interest will be added periodically to your $AUN tokens during the rebase event so you can earn more and more collateral.

The amount of new Aufin tokens you receive is calculated as follows: (your current Aufin token balance X selected multiplier) + your current Aufin token balance. Your new rebase reward is calculated based on the final number of Aufin tokens you have multiplied by the selected multiplier.


Because compound interest is a very powerful way to increase your return on savings or investments, it’s important to include it when making decisions about wealth building. To illustrate this thought process, imagine one person saving $4 daily for 30 days for a total of $120 and another person saving the same amount but their plans are combined for 6 months at the same interest rate:


$AUN is a flexible stock BEP-20 token that rewards holders who use the positive rebase equation.

Programmed LP
4% of the exchange fee back to liquidity which guarantees an increase in the price of the security.

The Risk Free Value
5% of the exchange fee goes to the Aufin protection which supports and supports the tagging rewards provided by the positive rebase.

2.5% of purchases and 4.5% of transactions go directly to storage that upholds Aufin’s protection.

Buy Link : https://app.bogged.finance/bsc/swap?tokenIn=BNB&tokenOut=0xB7F3d845D693C930Fa0fA1c4d71bB6Ba40ab6af4

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For more information

Website : https://aufinprotocol.com/
Whitepaper : https://docs.aufinprotocol.com/
Telegram : https://t.me/aufinbsc
Twitter : https://twitter.com/ProtocolAufin
Medium : https:// medium.com/@AufinProtocol
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/AufinProtocol/
Perselisihan : https://discord.gg/KyNcSPquNP

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5393738.0

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Key Concepts of Let, s Earn:

Let,s Earn is how the first auto-staking Blockchain Protocol works. Users can earn py with binance smart chain blockchain. it, introduces the most advanced features for the community to Bet You, Reward & Get Daily High APY On binance Smart Chain Network. They have built their own platform where users can hold you,r tokens with continued sustainability & Get High Rewards For holding Tokens. Here Mentioned Official Website Where You Can Find More Details About Let’s Earn. This makes investors very reliable to bet, earn tokens with auto bet feature.

Rebase & Auto-Staking Features:

Let,s Get working on protocol rebase & auto-staking. it, makes it highly reliable for users who can bet, let, earn tokens and earn high rewards on auto bet basis. Rebase mainly works on the Demand and supply ecosystem, meaning if the team wants to lower its value by burning with high return profits and increase the value to increase supply. Auto bet means if user has let bet, get token so they will return high APY Rewards.


Let,s Earn Built ON BSC Network:

Let,s Earn has worked & is built on top of binance’s smart chain blockchain technology. You can connect Wallet Like Trust & Metamask decentralized wallet after that you can buy let, earn and put your r tokens for staking and get high return rewards with auto-staking help. More Biggest News is coming according to roadmap soon they will start marketing to build big community. You can buy Let,s Earn So Visit their Website after that connect any dex wallet like Trust wallet and Metamask After that connect with bsc network you can buy let,s get tokens

Launching iOS & Android App Version:

They made a lot of great progress step by step. they will launch their own platform Android & IOS App where users can access many functions through the app. they can stake their tokens, earn high rewards & generate passive income through staking. they are about to make a big announcement about their platform. they have plans to list on cmc and coinecko exchange. After they will list in dappradar.


Let,s Earn Private Sale:

They will introduce a private sale where you can buy let,s earn tokens and hold them with staking feature. so the first step to download metamask&Trustwallet after that you join those registered to get eligibility to participate in private sale. make sure you, r network must be bsc network. and you can buy let’s get it on pancakeswap more details coming soon on discord and telegram channels make sure to join both groups.

Let’s Talk About Public Selling:

If you wish to participate in the public sale must follow these steps to be eligible

1: You need a DEX Wallet to buy Let, s Earn Token

2: Make sure you have set up the bsc network by wallet

3: You have Minimum BNB(BEP20) In your wallet To make transactions &To Buy Tokens .

4: After that you have a wallet connected in you,r pancake swap to buy Let,s Earn Token

5: You can set slippage to 12% to 13% after that buy, come on, get tokens

Conclusion :

Let,s Earn has worked Def Room and high stakes rewards platform. it works on bsc chain network. They introduced a high stakes reward system when users let the stakes get tokens, they will get back high rewards based on the amount. they can generate high passive income for staking allows getting tokens built on bsc Blockchain technology. it will be listed on pancake swap and you can also join the whitelist before private sale and buy their native token


Let,s Earn has worked in the Defi space and high stakes rewards platforms. it works on bsc chain network. They introduced a high stakes reward system when users let the stakes get tokens, they will get back high rewards based on the amount. they can generate high passive income for staking allows getting tokens built on bsc Blockchain technology. it will be listed on pancake swap and you can also join the whitelist before private sale and buy their own native token


Token Symbol: Let, Get

Network : BSC



3% of purchases and 8% of sales go directly to the RFV-supporting treasury.

Auto LP

5% of trading fees back to liquidity ensures an increase in the guaranteed value of $LETSEARN.

Risk Free Value

5% of trading fees are transferred to the RFV which helps to maintain and support the bet rewards awarded.


Website: https://letsearn.io/

Telegram:  https://t.me/Letsearnproject

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/letearn_

Dispute: https://discord.gg/letearn

Docs: https://docs.letearn.io/

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SOREX uses the PLAN framework to cater for all types of financial support

As we know, automated exchange systems are also referred to as mechanical exchange systems, algorithmic exchanges, mechanical exchanges or system exchanges, allowing brokers to set explicit guidelines for exchange paths and ways which, once modified, can be executed automatically via PC.

Dealers and financial backers can turn the proper share, exit, and cashing of board rules into a mechanical exchange framework that allows PCs to execute and screen exchanges.

Perhaps the greatest appeal of the mechanization of the methodology is that it can remove some of the feeling of the exchange because the exchange is naturally positioned after certain steps are fulfilled.

How it works
Risk Free Value Fund (RFV), Buy & Sell Fees
A portion of the buying and selling fees helps maintain Sorex Treasury revenue. 5-10% of trading volume is diverted to Sorex Treasury, to help control the distribution of the Sorex Autostaking Protocol.

Staking Rewards, SRX Token
Compounds automatically with treasury backed currency with intrinsic value.

Auto Burn Program
This program starts with 10 million $SRX reserved exclusively for incineration purposes and will increase over time. In order not to become a pump and dump program, we will perform combustion operations linearly and automatically. Every week, 2-4% of the total supply will be burned. This percentage will grow over the weeks.


SOREX is a specialist robotic application supervised by Artificial Intelligence that combines close numerical extrapolation polynomials with pre-prepared forecasting time series neural organization to predict exactly the development of 300 major digital currencies and contribute naturally for you.

SOREX Highlights


Get easy income from Artificial Intelligence exchange close to pre-prepared time series hope neural organization

Crypto Exchange

Buy and sell any of the 300+ Cryptos in minutes. Exchange anywhere with security and accommodation

24/7 support

Have a problem? Just reach out. Our help group is accessible 24/7

Multiple Options

Up or Down? Anticipate where the costs will continue to bend your bets. 300+ Crypto resources for decisions.

Only 2 different ways — UP or DOWN! Explore any of the 300+ Crypto Assets and anticipate how the fees will act during the time of your choosing.

Watch the progress of the exchange continuously.

3 LVL Referral Program

Prescribe us for your friends and get in each of THREE Levels 1. LVL — 20% 2. LVL — 10% 3. LVL — 5%

NFT loan

Borrow and Borrow your NFT as collateral. Get progress in USDT, BUSD and SRX. Get a USDT or SRX advance.

Use your NFT as collateral for crypto credits with the most important advances to appreciate the proportions in the market. Get credit in USDT, BUSD or SRX and withdraw them quickly to your wallet.

Autostaking SRX protocol

Bet before delivery, Bet in your wallet — put it all over the place.

The SRX token is the core of Sorex Autostaking Protocol, the New Generation of Defi with Highest Fixed APY, collecting rewards periodically and the first — a pre-deliver get-hold-procure framework that expands your portfolio before it is delivered at a fixed rate of 2.11% daily or 204,036 ,60% per annum holding SRX.

Investment Independence

SOREX uses the PLAN framework to cater for all types of financial support.

The principle contrast between PLANs is the limit of speculation on each emphasis, which increases with each PLAN.

There are two methods to get to the SOREX speculation stage: Holding SRX or through annual installments.

How many tokens are expected for each PLAN is recalculated like clockwork to match each PLAN’s fiat cost.

This means that assuming token fees go up, any client might get the following PLAN as expected tokens will decrease.

Against the norm, clients cannot downgrade the PLAN due to changes in token fees as long as they don’t sell tokens.


SOREX will ship SRX Tokens on 21.04.2022 on 4 significant blockchains simultaneously — ETH, BSC, AVAX and FTM
Complete Supply — 1,500,000 SRX
Blockchains — ETH, BSC, AVAX, FTM
SRX Token Launch — 21.04.2022
SRX List Price — $1.00
Multiple Options — 28.02.2022
“PLANS” Venture Program — 28.02.2022
SRX Pre-shipment Staking — 03.03.2022
NFT Loans — 10.03.2022


Sorex #sorexIO #airdrop #eth #bsc #avax #ftm #crypto #Giveaway

Website — https://sorex.io
Telegram Bounty Group — https://t.me/+9PzCQ0jAPHoyNjlk
Telegram Community — https://t.me/SOREX_Officia
Telegram Referral Program — http://t.me/SOREX_Official_BOT
Announcement Telegram — https://t.me/SOREX_Official_ANN
Twitter — https://twitter.com/SOREX_IO
Dispute — https://discord.gg/j8hU66PgPk

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RBXchange : Cross-chain decentralized exchange & liquidity management solution that allows you to trade any token across 18+ EVM chains.

Prior to the invention of blockchain technology, we solved this problem by trusting centralized entities (e.g. banks and e-wallets) to debit and credit accounts. Blockchain technology replaces the need for these centralized entities with distributed computers that can independently verify transactions, but also work together to establish the current state of transactions on the blockchain.

RBX is the core utility token of the carbon element of the anchor product. Part of making the product easy to use is minimizing the head. While we recognize the benefits of a token transportation tax, our goal is to increase the speed of RBX. Whether it’s snooping, farming, provisioning/managing fluids, or simply interacting with external features, we want users to feel like they’re using them.

RBX does not cover zero transaction tax, with only a modest 2% sales tax. You can buy, store, move, retrieve and play without reducing your holdings. Part of its striking beauty is its timelessness. Not only аtіоn rеvеrѕіble, but also аvаіlаbе for all to see. While this is already part of the blockchain’s functionality, we wanted to combine this data more easily.

That is why RBX includes not only daily, not only simple totals, but individual holdings as well. This allows us to build exclusive products and features for real holders, not just temporary wallets.

Digital assets are assets whose scope is not only limited to money, but also emotional, personal and confidential value. Concrete examples of digital assets such as social media accounts, blog domains or IDs to access online games.

Crypto assets are digital assets that sit on top of a blockchain system. These assets can be used for internet-based virtual transactions. Digital assets use cryptography and blockchain technology to secure and verify every transaction so that no party can double-spend (spending the same asset twice in the digital world).

It’s Time to Recognize Reputation

No two handles are the same. RBX noted.

Part of the beauty of blockchain is its immutability. Not only are actions immutable, they are also available for everyone to see. While this is already part of the blockchain functionality, we wanted to make this data more accessible.

That’s why RBX combines not only daily snapshots of total supply, but individual holdings as well. This allows us to build exclusive products and features for real holders, not just temporary wallets.

A new ecosystem of DeFi 2.0 DApps, utilities and protocols to accelerate the flow of digital assets and capital.

As the cornerstone of the Carbon product ecosystem, the RBX token is used for general utility purposes across our multi-token staking platforms, cross-chain DEXs, leveraged liquidity pools, token launch pads, escrow tools, our decentralized fiat on/off ramp, and more. Holding an RBX entitles you to be rewarded for the revenue generated on each product, special voting rights, exclusive seniority-based privileges, and the ability to instantly burn your tokens into Ether through the use of our RBX Converter.

Say Hello To The RBX Family.

Built from the ground up, our products aim to drive efficient capital flows.


Cross-chain decentralized exchange & liquidity management solution that allows you to trade any token across 18+ EVM chains.

Uncensored. Infinite. Cannot be blocked.

Fiat P2P On/Off Path:

Buy & sell crypto using 20+ different payment apps, like Cash App, PayPal or Venmo. All without the hassle of KYC.

Drop Rocket:

The DeFi Staking & Farming platform allows the creation of reward systems in almost every imaginable permutation. Open to all checked projects.

OTC Assist: An automated escrow interface that allows two or more parties to make Over-the-Counter (OTC) trades virtually from virtually any digital asset.

RBX: Launch:

A digital asset offering platform built to eliminate unscrupulous projects. Token lock, vesting schedule, auto check & more.

Multi-Cross Chain Bridge:

Bridging RBX & other assets to almost any public EVM chain. Easily convert assets between blockchains, including BTC, XMR, ETH, & BN

Ecosystem Fuel

Free. No bull. RBX only.

Part of making the product easy to use is minimizing headaches. While we recognize the tax benefits of token transactions, our goal is to increase the speed of RBX. Whether it’s snooping, farming, providing/managing liquidity, or simply interacting with external tools, we want users to have fun using their tokens.

RBX is not subject to transaction tax, with only a modest 2% sales tax. You can buy, store, move, stake and play without reducing your holdings.

Powered By Carbon
RBX is the market implementation of Carbon’s new protocol suite.

Carbon is the ‘base layer’ of everything we do with RBX, acting as our umbrella brand and technology provider. Carbon engineered all the functions of the RBX ecosystem, providing a separation between R&D and practical market applications. While Carbon is a governance asset, it also derives value from accumulated revenue.

Each Carbon token is backed by a growing portfolio of digital assets generated from the economic activity of the ecosystem. This creates a steady and growing source of value, enabling anyone to have a part of what we do and every business we do.

Discover Our State of Persistent Development

Check out our release schedule & upcoming products.

RBXchange — Fase I

Cross-chain DEX, 10+ chain EVM, leveraged liquidity lists, fiat onrampJune 2021 [Released]RBXchange — Limit Phase II orders and Launcher widgets, allowing anyone to embed our products directly on their siteNov. 2021 [Beta]

RBXchange — Phase III

Repeat orders, block tradesQ1 2022RocketBridge — Phase 0Bridging RBX (and Clients) on all supported chains. The starting chain is ETH, BSC, then Polygon (Matic) & Avax.Oct. 4th 2021 [Released]RocketBridge — Icross-chain’s native asset transfer phase, such as ETH, XMR, BTC, & BNB.Q1 2022

RocketBridge — Fase II

Bridging any ERC-20 tokens, including the ability to maintain custom functionality in the .Q1 2022 destination chain

RocketBridge — Fase III

Live cross-chain token exchange. Automated cross-liquidity farming opportunities for users.

Q2 2022RBX Agriculture & StakingReceive stable and independent volume yields for at least 12 months.Nov. 2021 [Released] Trading OTC / EscrowSmart a contract based way to trustless & easily exchange assets peer to peer.

Q1 2022Derivatives Release of traditional, exotic & new derivatives. Can be traded directly through our DEX & using our proprietary asset backed stablecoins.

Q1 2022P2P Decentralized On/Off RampEasy to enter and exit Carbon Ecosystem assets with our automated smart contract system, using 20+ different payment types, such as Cash App, PayPal or Venmo. All through Defi power, no KYC.

Q1 2022 Untrustworthy and easy time locking Token Vesting Claims via smart contracts to be released on a fixed schedule (Day-Year), ensuring stable and consistent token release for project team members, clients, ETC.

Q1 2022 [Released] RBX ConverterBurn RBX directly for Ethereum without affecting the price. Premium up to 30% off current price when holding Rocket Knockers NFTs.TBD

RBX is the market execution of Carbon’s new convention arrangement.

Carbon is the ‘base layer’ of everything we do with the RBX, serving as our umbrella image and innovation supplier. Carbon designs all uses of the RBX biological system, providing a separation between Research and development and down-to-earth market applications. While Carbon is an administrative resource, it is also rewarded by the revenue it collects.

Each Carbon token is backed by a consistently evolving computerized resource arrangement generated from the environmental finance movement. This creates an ever-growing and stable spring of significant value, allowing anyone to claim a share of how we treat every effort we put into it.

This is the ideal opportunity to recognize fame

No two holders are alike. RBX noted. A piece of the joy of blockchain is its immutable nature. Besides the fact that actions are immutable, they are accessible so that anyone can see for themselves. Although this is part of the usefulness of the blockchain needed to combine this information more easily accessible.

That’s why RBX consolidates not only daily inventory depictions, but individual holdings as well. This allows us to create products and highlight the elite for the original holder, not just a temporary wallet.


For more information:
WEBSITE: https://rbx.ae/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/RBXtoken

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/RBXToken

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/RBXtoken

DISCORD: https://discord.com/invite/HpuuYRheKp

REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/r/RBXToken/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/rbxtoken/

GITHUB: https://github.com/RBX-Carbon

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbrDUD1oM7P1DnMcytpjlgg

MEDIUM: https://rbxtoken.medium.com/

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HORGI is a mixed breed dog that, although small, is full of energy and agile. The HORGI token is the newest dog-themed meme on the Binance Smart Chain. This is not just a keepsake but provides a real world use place that brings a long overdue solution to rурtо. nthnthORGI utilt аn еrоw аment еrvе thаt rоvіdеѕ platform through which their rtосurrеnсу service rоvdеr nl nd is HORGI 100% community driven and also has NFT collection with retrieval feature. NFT bettors earn the saved income generated from a portion of transportation taxes and service fees.

The HORGI оn token is based on the horg dog which is a mixed breed of dog. Despite their small stature, they are known as local, intelligent, full of energy, and graceful. The HORGI token aims to reflect the attributes of this very cute dog breed. HORGI is the newest dog-themed meme coin on the BinanceSmart Chain. This is a 100% community driven meme. The community is an integral part of the HORGI token project.

No alternate text is provided for this image


COMMUNITY OWNED : HORGI is owned by its fun and vibrant community. Our enthusiastic community members welcome and embrace different beliefs to make HORGI one of the best dog-themed memes.

NFT STAKING : Horgi NFT holders can stake them for passive income with very high APY. To ensure an attractive APY, 2% of the tax and 20% of the total only goes to the betting room. Install Horg NFT, take it and earn frugally in Horg tokens.

SAFE AND SECURE : The HORGI token contrast has been verified and the image has been found. This is absolutely next to zero risk to our users and protects the community from potential bad actors.

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We are proud to present our NFT collection.

Altogether there are 1000 NFTs to print, and when you go, you go too. Each NFT can then be staked for deposit income in BNB based on our NFT tax on our own HORGI tokens. This is a great opportunity for you to bet and earn. Each rarity will get a different level based on its rarity. The rarer the NFT the higher your reward.


Horgi Token has an innovative and reliable token that ensures the long term of the project.

All HORGI transactions (buy and sell) are subject to a 10% fee.

5% of tax goes to marketing, 2% goes to NFT staked, 2% goes to liudt оol and 1% goes to development.

Your maximum buy and view transaction is 1 billion tokens which is 1% of the total exchange rate.

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Our job is to create a widely recognized, popular and token-worthy asset; we aim to offer a new and reliable currency in the form of HORGI tokens. We also aim to provide a platform where investors enjoy the benefits of lurking NFT and earn profits. With transparent and secure transactions, an active and active community that creates value, we aim to build a brand through which investors. The HORGI token is a meme that has the revolutionary elements of a dog-themed NFT. Our token ensures maintenance of rva, есurіt, interest and autonomy.

We are proud to present our NFT collection.

Altogether there are 1000 NFTs to print, and when you go, you go too. Each NFT can then be staked for deposit income in BNB based on our NFT tax on our own HORGI tokens. This is a great opportunity for you to bet and earn. Each rarity will get a different level based on its rarity. The rarer the NFT the higher your reward.

Horgi Token has an innovative and reliable token that ensures the long term of the project.
All HORGI transactions (buy and sell) are subject to a 10% fee.
5% of tax goes to marketing, 2% goes to NFT staked, 2% goes to liudt оol and 1% goes to development.
The maximum of buy and sell transactions is 1 billion tokens which is 1% of the total fortune.

Our job is to create a widely recognized, popular and token-worthy asset; we aim to offer a new and reliable currency in the form of HORGI tokens. We also aim to provide a platform where investors enjoy the benefits of lurking NFT and earn profits. With transparent and secure transactions, an active and active community that creates value, we aim to build a brand through which investors. The HORGI token is a meme that has the revolutionary elements of a dog-themed NFT. Our token ensures maintenance of rva, есurіt, interest and autonomy.

That’s all I can say in this article. If you need accurate and reliable information, you can visit their official link, which I have provided below:

Website: https://horgitoken.org/
Whitepaper: https://horgitoken.org/HORGI%20Token%20whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/horgitoken
Telegram: https://t.me/horgitoken
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 The PumSwap platform is a decentralized automated exchange service where users can securely exchange cryptocurrencies with up to six trading pairs. 

Cryptocurrency was originally known as a payment system that allows people to make transactions quickly, without third parties, transparently, securely, and anonymously. Satoshi who is the creator of Bitcoin, makes Bitcoin beat the centralized financial system that is prone to manipulation and controlled by one party. With the growth and development of the Crypto or blockchain ecosystem, a number of alternative investment options have emerged, and have proven to be a more efficient and profitable investment tool than traditional financial returns. Innovative projects consistently emerge in the crypto industry with high return investments and continuous trends, such as PUM SWAP. is one of the projects that will attract large market investment. So, don’t waste this golden opportunity. What is PUMP SWAP? PumSwap is a decentralized exchange or DEX created to exchange BEP20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain, ERC20 tokens on Ethereum for KIP20 tokens on the OkexChain Network. PumSwap is a decentralized exchange or DEX created to exchange BEP20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain, ERC20 tokens on Ethereum for KIP20 tokens on the OkexChain Network. PumSwap is a perfect ecosystem for automated liquidity provided on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum & OkexChain Network where users can trade against liquidity pools. PumSwap is a DEX Exchanger with 3 Blockchain Types Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum & OkexChain Network. Mission To create a strong foundation for the community by providing them with incentives in return for their support of the Swap Platform. Creating a state-of-the-art ecosystem for automated liquidity provided on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum & OkexChain Mainnet Network. Target Our main target is consumers who avoid the high gas costs of the Ethereum Blockchain. We aim to be the best platform for managing BSC and OKT chain exchanges. We also have the Ethereum Blockchain. Benefits of Using PumSwap Dex Worldwide Platform You can use the PumSwap swapping platform via a decentralized blockchain on the math of the world of digital cryptocurrency transactions. Free content to use this ecosystem from any country. No need to share your personal information. Safe Transaction Low transaction fees using the BEP20-Binance Smart Chain Network with the KIP20-OkayxChain Mainnet Network. Secure Transaction Math also uses ERC20- Ethereum Blockchain. If you want o avoid expensive transection fees you can use the BSC or OKT network. Digital Payment Ecosystem: P2P transetion ecosystem using digital currency a strong & secure digital currency wallet. Third party payment ecosystem for transaction methods. All access you have to secure your own access point. Aman & Aman Secure Your Own Accesspoint Global Single Platform: You can use PumSwap globally for swap. Globally connect your own wallet to join us. PumSwap’s single global platform is a safe & secure one for all transactions in BSC, ETH or OKT chain networks. It’s very easy to use our PumSwap global single platform. Safe and Secure: You have to keep your own public & private keys from your wallet. You can access the PumSwap platform using third party access point contracts such as MetaMask Decentralized Payment System No one can access your own payments & transactions for decentralization. Only you have access to your own wallet with public & private keys. You can transect from your own access point through a third-party perfect ecosystem of smart contracts.


PumSwap Pre-Sale will be live after the testnet airdrop ends. Mainnet Pre-Sale sttartt from 27 Oct 2021. Mainnet Token you can transfer & use this token for trade or swap. Mainnet Token will be live on our own DEX & others decentralized/centralized exchangers.

  1. Mainnet Pre-Sale Starting Date: (27 October 2021)
  2. Mainnet Pre-Sale Token price is 1 PUM = 0.00005 BNB
  3. Mainnet Pre-Sale will be live for: 30 Days

Bonus For Mainnet Pre-Sale Investors

Investors of presale who had bought minimum amount of 1 BNB will be enlisted to drawing list.Total $10,000 USDT reword pool. Take snapshote for 3 winner randomly.Winners will be announced 3 working days after the pre-sale ends.

  1. First Winner: $5000 USDT
  2. Second Winner: $3000 USDT
  3. Third Winner: $2000 USDT


Price 1 PUM = 0.00005 BNB

Price 1 BNB = 20,000 PUM

Bonus for Presale:

Investors of presale who had bought minimum amount of 1 BNB will be enlisted to drawing list.Total $10,000 USDT reward pool. Take snapshote for 3 winner randomly.Winners will be announced 3 working days after the pre-sale ends.

1. First Winner: $5000 USDT

2. Second Winner: $3000 USDT

3. Third Winner: $2000 USDT

Buy Tokens: https://pumswap.org/presale

How to Buy: https://docs.pumswap.org/buy.html

Why i’ll join presale?

Presale is only for privatly sale some tokens from Pumswap main contract with low price no risk.

PreSale Price or ICO price between so many difference. After presale ends Pumswap ICO well be start.

Why i’ll stake my $PUM tokens?

Within few days we’ll release Pumswap staking platform. stay connected we’ll announce…

Don’t miss that opportunities…

PumSwap (PUM) Token:

Smart Contract: 0x11608EDd16091f296F12D362cB8756655C7FA986

Presale Contract: 0x25954aa2C327D2358dC3dA7156D57Dd7B9519f3C

  1. Website: https://pumswap.org/
  2. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pumswap_
  3. Telegram: https://t.me/pumswap
  4. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PumSwap
  5. Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/PumSwap
  6. by AlphonsoDavies
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Swapult is a cross-chain liquidity manager for token pools and auctions powered by


In short the swapult protocol is the number one platform that will unlock the full potential of the defi system using synthetics and decentralized cross-chain bridges. In simple terms swapult is all about investing, staking, lending and exchanging cryptocurrencies. swapult protocol is also a special platform created to provide fast, smart, accessible and easy bootstrap stage liquidity for all its users. The auto-operated marketplaces are all in the swapult protocol, where users can optimize their results to earn $SWAPULT tokens, earn money, and can also use tokens as legal tender in the digital market. swapult protocol contract solves the problem by launching an auto market provider also called smart contract which enhances Market creation services based on the market blueprint.

Swapult Solutions
Swapult is a trading convention that envisions a decentralized method of connecting early-phase blockchain-digital money trendsetters and financial backers. Tied connection points allow project owners to post and oversee liquidity bartering which financial backers can effectively find on stage. Swapult abandoned its protracted mission to disrupt and completely decentralize liquidity bartering. This effort was made with the dream of working with greater interoperability through cross-chain associations, thereby also strengthening the acceptance and value of DeFi.

Secure &
Trustless Therefore, there are two significant barriers to DeFi mainstreaming, apart from the often discussed flexibility issue. Most businesses today are not easy to use and have high expectations of absorbing information. Plus, a brilliant, bug-ridden and inadequately drafted deal seems, by all accounts, to be subverting DeFi’s true capacity to seal. To address this issue, we’ve used React Native to build a responsive Swapult UI, alongside natural data design for a compelling UX.


The $SWAPULT token is an ERC — 20 tokens with a supply of 5,000,000 SWAPULTE tokens, this token will serve as the “fuel” that will support the operation of the platform. swapult protocol plans to sell these tokens in their token sale program with attractive bonuses. Here are the details of the EMO tokens;



This is in part similar to Staking what can be accomplished in traditional finance where individuals deposit into banks and other financial institutions and their money is used by the bank to maintain cash flow without proper reward. Staking in the Swapult protocol differs in the sense that while users store their crypto assets in ERC20 wallets, their deposits are used to lend to borrowers, and maintain the operation of a Proof-of-stake (POS) based blockchain system. In return, the stakeholders are rewarded with an annual passive income from their $SWAPULT tokens.

Secure Wallet:

To store tokens, you need an ERC-20 wallet that is highly compatible with loans and savings.


Because it runs as a DEFI platform, it has no government powers. Making it independent of government policy, its operations are decided by an independent board, with a vote on ideas by the members.


The Swapult protocol uses the incomplete Turing protocol, which reduces attacks and protects the system.


The Swapult protocol is currently working on the DEFI application, and is also creating a crypto exchange platform that will allow the use of the $SWAPULT token, to buy and trade online.

Total Supply: 5,000,000 SWAPULT
Pre Seed: 100,000 SWAPULT for $0.35. Key 3 months, then 8.33% monthly 
Strategic Round: 400,000 SWAPULT, at 0.455 USD. 10% at TGE, then 9% every month for 10 months.
Personal Sale 1: 700,000 SWAPULT, at $0.47775, 20% at TGE 20%, then 20%, monthly.
Private Sale 2: 900,000 SWAPULT for $0.50050, 25% at TGE, then 25% every month.
Auction Pool: 100,000 SWAPULT for $0.7, unlocked.
Price List: TBD


Kick-off Q4 2021

Development kick-off
Seed sale completed
Testnet online
Code published on Github
Q4 2021 – Q1 2022 MVP

Private sale Unauthorized listing First batch in Swapult
Q1 2022 Speed up

Cross-chain Swap
Governance Support &
Staking Stablecoin
Bid auction
Q2-Q4 2022 DAO

defi #Swapult $SWAPT

Swapult Platform v2.0 Fully functional DAO launch


Website : http
Whitepaper : https://swapult.com/whitepaper.pdf
Twitter : https://twitter.com/swapult
Telegram : https://t.me/swapult
Discord : https://discord.com/invite/ aG2XA2htyg

by AlphonsoDavies
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Spyrit – Fast Transaction Exchange. Yield Farms. NFT Tokens & Betting.

SpyritCoin is a digital token for building a global economy. Our Polygon network enables decentralized investment and trading capabilities across three levels of Security. Higher stakes levels will allow maximum liquidity, and one of our Economical Protocols guarantees investors direct taxes on network trading fees in the form of SpyritCoins, as well as significantly lower fees by eliminating traditional middlemen.SpyritCoin is a deflation utility token built on the Polygon network. SpyritCoin or (SPY) will be used as virtual currency in our Polygon Network. It will be used as a payment method among other utilities in online and mobile platforms.

What are spiritcoins?

SpyritCoin is a deflation utility token built on the Polygon network developed with two economical protocols; Reoccurring Tax Back to Investors, and Liquidity Acquisition.

What is UTILITY?

The utility for SpyritCoin will be used in a platform built around SPYRIT. The platform has a protocol that allows users to trade with fast transaction speeds, automatic combined bets, high yield farming, and continuous NFT betting.


DEFIApplication based on DeFi principles, to ensure a free flowing liquidity market.DEXA decentralized exchange built on the Polygon Network that allows users to buy, sell and exchange their coins or tokens securely.BRIDGEConvert your SpyritCoin from Polygon network to Spyrit Chain.Scouting & FarmingBet your SpyritCoin or NFT to earn from your farm or liquidity pool.BlockchainSpyrit Chain will be a new Layer 1 blockchain protocol focused on increasing functionality and scalability, with minimal gas costs.MetaVerseA unique story-based MetaVerse game with NFT functionality and in game NFT content, called Spyrit Realm. Developed and used in Spyrit Chain.Tokenomics
Nama Token : SpyritCoin
Jaringan : POLYGON
Pasokan : 5 MILIAR
Biaya : 10%Automatic Liquidity : 5%Devidens : 5%Roadmap
– Q3 2021
Create Website and Social Profile
Submit Smart Contract Token
Distribute Whitepaper V1
Submit Smart Contract ICO
– Q4 2021
Foster dApp
Foster Staking and Farming Protocols
Foster NFT Staking Protocol
Review and KYC
Submit Presale Smart Contract
Showcasing and Advertising Campaigns
– Q1 2022
Launch Public
SitePartnershipCoin List
Create NFT Collection
Foster Cross Chain DEX
– Q2 2022
Create Game
Blueprint Foster Spyrit Chain Network
Foster Cross Chain BridgeWebsite : https://spyritcoin.io/
Whitepaper : https://github.com/spyritcoin/SPYRIT-Paper/blob/main/SPYRIT%20PAPER.pdf
Twitter : https://twitter.com/spyritcoin
Telegram : https://t.me/spyritcoin
GitHub : https://github.com/spyritcoin
DisCord : https://discord.com/invite/xzyeMr3Rbbby AlphonsoDavies link url ;https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122525


Socialogue – The first Social NFT marketplace to launch with zero gas fees on the Ethereum Blockchain.

NFT stands for non-fungible token, a unit of data stored on the blockchain that certifies a digital asset as unique and non-replicable. The first NFT project was launched back in 2015, but it’s 2021 when the market really takes off. In fact, saying it “takes off” is an understatement.

Compared to the second and third quarter of 2021, NFT trading volume increased by 704%. Three months is the time it takes for such growth. With more and more companies launching their own NFT, celebrities, crypto, finance, and other experts are backing it, and all the advantages that technology has — NFT will remain. But while the industry is still in its infancy and moving very fast, there is a lot to improve.

There, Socialogue will shine. Socialogue combines all the fast-growing spaces: NFT, blockchain, Metaverse and social media. All combined into one platform. It is built by taking industry best practices and making them even better. And of course overcome the shortcomings.

What is the Socialogue project?
Socialogue is fully autonomous and transparent, as well as client-oriented. Recent history shows that sooner or later everything is centered on social platforms which subject users to strict censorship. With Socialogue and its DAO Framework, this would never have happened. This platform is made for people.

Socialogue NFT Marketplace is part of the platform created and traded. The platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain, but operates without gas fees. Socialogue creates a very user-friendly interface. The Ethereum blockchain enables smooth and secure transactions. Collaboration with Immutable X means zero gas costs on the platform. The marketplace itself is easy to use and straightforward. User friendly interface and zero gas costs create a pleasant experience to participate in Sociologist.

The market offers a variety of NFTs for printing: art, photos, videos, music, short clips, e-books, and even real NFT. Building NFT on the platform is a simple and easy process. There is no step on the road to success. Socialogue offers all the tools for an easy and fun NFT creation process.

SAFETY ISSUE: Following the former, the lack of live communication and multiple channels at play can cause individuals to lose money. The NFT space, like everything else, has a black and white side. The sad truth is that some unscrupulous people use social engineering and other tricks to get someone off track to a replicated NFT store. The all-in-one platform is a much more secure and convenient solution.
NO OPTIONS TO SHAPE THE FUTURE : With the industry growing, NFT and Metaverse are the future. It is very user experience based. Community members have many ways to express their opinions but no option to influence change directly.
CLIMATE CONTROVERY: Both cryptocurrencies and NFTs have been criticized for their impact on energy consumption and climate impacts. This problem is real and widespread. An alternative way of using technology is a must.
Socialogue implemented social features and changed the way creators and collectors communicate. We are redefining the word community and the industry itself.

INTERACTIONS: Send direct messages to creators, sellers, collectors, or other community members.
EXPRESS: Send direct messages to creators, sellers, collectors or other community members.
FOLLOW: Choose the members who impress you and watch every step of their journey on Socialogue.
INFLUENCE: Make an impact by creating your own followers or joining the DAO senate. You are welcome to do both at Socialogue.
METAVERSE: A new and exciting gaming era.
VARIETY: All kinds of games — created by Socialogue and other developers.
NFTS & DAOS: Extra benefits and thrills brought to the gaming experience.
REWARDS: Real-life-like adventures that can earn you real rewards.
The game, backed by NFT and Metaverse, is gaining momentum. This can be a very interesting and rewarding experience. Socialogue will offer a variety of games, created by us and other developers. Held in one place. Reached with any device by using Socialogue Hub.

Socialogue NFT Social Platform brings all social media influence to the NFT space. The importance of social features on the platform is game-changing. It overcomes the weaknesses of the industry and provides unlimited opportunities to society.

Socialogue members can write posts, like, share, comment or send direct messages to users of any platform. By actively participating in the community, a member can create their own followers and get rewarded. The opportunities for having a following in the digital economy have never been greater.

Socialogue values ​​transparency. Setting up a profile that other community members can see is easy. This empowers creators, collectors or other members to tell their stories and even showcase the collected NFTs (Fig. 2). Strict verification for content creators is also required to keep the community safe. Socialogue has all the features of a social platform. The ability to communicate within the platform creates extra security and closer relationships. For new opportunities and more confidence.

ROYALTIES: Platforms use royalties to purchase NFT floors primarily for two reasons — to reward esteemed users and provide stability to the community.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: On the platform, Socialogue values ​​every NFT holder. To compliment them, each NFT owner gets a senator badge. They are known among other users as DAO

Members of the Senate, who can vote and decide the future of Socialogue.

DAO: DAO’s unique structure transforms community engagement. Every NFT Socialogue holder becomes a member of the DAO Senate. The goal was to have as many senate members as possible who would shape the future of Socialogue and the entire NFT space. Members of the senate participate in the major decisions of Socialogue.

TOKEN : Token launch will take place in Q1 2022. Socialogue will reward every NFT holder.

GET: Having an NFT Socialogue and being part of the community opens up many ways to earn the real economy. Participation in the community, making decisions in the DAO Senate, and other activities is beneficial.

The NFT collection allows Socialogue to add more uniqueness to the platform and user experience. Users can use tokens for various purposes. Again, mainly for better customer experience, increased loyalty and platform stability.

Platform stability is also an important indicator. Part of the Socialogue token is not sold or given away as a gift. It is important to have the tools and resources to keep the platform stable and functioning in case something unexpected happens. Socialogue has a promising future, but it’s always better to have a plan B than nothing.

METAVERSE : Socialogue offers a thrilling experience in the Metaverse. One of the exclusive sections of the Metaverse is the DAO Senate, where meetings, voting, discussions, and other activities take place.
PERSONAL : As a close and unique community, NFT holders who are members of the Senate have a private group to discuss upcoming changes, decisions and the future of the platform.
SUPPORT: Like one big family, Socialogue offers support and assistance to its members. The Social Senate has direct contact with the platform admins for additional support and attention
2021 Q1-Q3img

Conduct in-depth market research. Resolve legal issues.
Designing the Socialogue platform. Apply the experience of a leading advisor.
2021 Q4img

NFT collection release and Socialogue (Beta) launch.
Blockchain integration into the platform. Airdrop NFT.
Establishment of the DAO Senate.
2022 Q1-Q2img

Launched Socialogue tokens, Metaverse Senate DAO,
Socialogue Metaverse and the full version of the platform.
Integration of token and tip functions.
2022 Q3-Q4

Launch of the Socialogue app for iOS and Android.
Advancing community functionality — introducing group chats, private groups and member recognition via smart contracts.
For more information:
Website: https://www.socialogue.com/
Whitepaper: https://www.socialogue.com/d143f264fb86a1cb3543b99e519442fe.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SocialogueNFT
Facebook: https://facebook.com/Sociallogue
Telegram: https://t.me/Socialogue
Instagram: https://instagram.com/socialoguenft/
Dispute: https://discord.com/invite/Socialogue
Media: https://medium.com/@Socialogue
by AlphonsoDavies
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Metaverse Backup Protocol


DAO values  are organizations to realize and implement very significant changes in the application of economic theory. This shift can be expressed in the following way: in the digital economy, the economic forces of demand versus supply are  generalized  to the forces  of internal coordination  versus  price coordination  . Supply and demand is only concerned with price coordination, while entrepreneurship/self-organization (which is outside of neo-classical price theory) is concerned with internal coordination. The internal coordination theory framework is able to explain economic productivity and intrinsic value in  the digital economy   , as distinguished from  more specific materialeconomy. Internal coordination is still under-appreciated as a form of economic productivity, especially regarding the digital economy. Internal coordination is separate from the forces of supply and demand, and it is this that  balances  or  regulates supply and demand. Thus, this is what motivates self-correction and natural self-regulation by market participants themselves from within the market. The market needs a human being, an entrepreneur, to recognize and solve existing coordination problems, beyond the price mechanism. This happens through the negotiation of social norms. Markets are only self-regulating and self-correcting insofar as common sense norms are negotiated and shared by day-to-day participants, through internal coordination. The dynamics of internal coordination versus price coordination was first articulated in transaction cost economics, by Ronald Coase in his essay The Nature of the Firm (1937), and later by Douglass North in Transaction Costs, Institutions, and Economic Performance (1992). Transaction costs are essentially the extra-monetary communication costs of operating in the marketplace. They include the costs of planning, deciding, and deliberation. Fundamentally, transaction costs reflect normative rules that govern themselves and regulate market activity internally.

How does it work?

At a high level, Value consists of a protocol-managed treasury, protocol-held liquidity (POL), bond mechanisms, and wagering rewards designed to control supply expansion.

The sale of bonds generates profits for the protocol, and the treasury uses those profits to print $VALUES and distribute them to stakeholders. With liquidity bonds, the protocol can accumulate its own liquidity. See the entry below on the importance of POL.

What is Value?

Values  is the  Metaverse Reserve Protocol  on  the Polygon Network  based on the  $VALUES token   . Each  $VALUES token is   backed by a basket of assets (e.g. MAI, FRAX) in the Value treasury, providing an intrinsic value that cannot fall below it. Values ​​Protocol  provides the possibility to support NFT tokens to treasury liquidity. Value introduces economic dynamics and game theory to the market through betting and bonding.

The  partially forked value for OlympusDAO with its own twist applied to NFT Bonding for the metaverse space and based on the Polygon network.

How can I profit from Value?

The main benefit for stakeholders comes from supply development. Beavers reap new $VALUES tokens from the repository, most of which are passed on to stakeholders who desperately need the $VALUES tokens they advertise. Furthermore, the gains for stakeholders will come from their automatic strengthening equilibrium, but value openness remains a significant consideration. That is, assuming the increase in the symbolic equilibrium outperforms the expected decrease in costs due to the expansion, the stakeholder will create a profit.

The principle benefit for bonders comes from the consistency of values. Bonders deliver capital openly and are guaranteed a reasonable return at the appointed time; the return is in $VALUES and in this way the bonder’s profit will depend on the cost of $VALUES as the bond grows. Bonders benefit from rising or static $VALUES fees.

What is Value for?

Our goal is to build a policy-driven liquidity system for the NFT metaverse space, where the behavior  of the $VALUES token is   controlled to a high degree by the DAO. In the long term, we believe this system can be used to optimize stability and consistency so that  $VALUES  can function as a global unit of account and medium of exchange currency in a decentralized metaverse. In the short term, we intend to optimize the system for growth and wealth creation.

How do I participate in Values?

There are two main strategies for market participants:  staking  and  bonding  . Stakers share their  $VALUE  tokens in return for more  $VALUE  tokens, whereas binders give out LP or MAI tokens in exchange for discounted  $VALUE  tokens after a fixed vesting period.

How can I benefit from Value?

The main benefit to stakeholders comes from supply growth. ValuesDAO harvests   new  $VALUES tokens  from the treasury, most of which are distributed to stakeholders thanks to the  $VALUES tokens   they offer. As such, the profits for shareholders will come from their automatic pooling balances, although price exposure remains an important consideration. That is, if the increase in the token balance exceeds the potential drop in price (due to inflation), the stakeholders will profit.

The main benefit for bonders comes from price consistency. Bonders provide upfront capital and are promised a fixed return at a specified point in time; the return is in  $VALUES  and thus the bonder’s profit will depend on the  price of  $VALUES  when the bond matures. Bonders benefit from  rising or static  $VALUES prices  .

Who creates Value?

Values ​​is an offshoot of OlympusDAO with a twist applied to the NFT space on the Polygon Network that will help other projects build a decentralized metaverse. Our core team has combined experience in computer science, cryptography, economics and design. Followed by years of experience in crypto. We prefer to remain anonymous for the success of this project because of our goal to be a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Who runs Values?

Currently, most decisions are taken by the core team, but we hope to turn it into a DAO regulated model as soon as possible with your help!

What’s at stake?

Staking is the main value accrual strategy of Values. Stakers stake their $VALUES on the Values ​​website for rebase rewards. Rebase rewards come from the proceeds of bond sales, and may vary based on the amount of $VALUES wagered in the protocol and the rate of return set by monetary policy.

Staking is a passive long term strategy. An increase in your stake of $VALUES translates into a cost base that continues to fall and converges to zero. This means that even if the market price of $VALUES falls below your initial purchase price, with a sufficiently long betting period, the increase in your $VALUES bet balance will eventually outweigh the decline in price.

When you stake, you lock in $VALUES and receive the same amount of sVALUES. Your sVALUES balance is automatically rebase at the end of each epoch. sVALUES  is transferable and therefore can be composed with other DeFi protocols.

When you cancel a bet, you burn sVALUES and receive the same amount of VALUES. Unstaking means the user will forfeit the upcoming rebase reward. Note that canceled prizes only apply to the amount not wagered; remaining VALUES staked (if any) will continue to receive rebase rewards.

What is a bond?

Bonding(1,1) is a secondary value accrual strategy of Value. This allows Values ​​to obtain its own liquidity and other reserve assets such as LUSD by selling $VALUES at a discount in exchange for these assets. The protocol quotes the bonder with terms such as the price of the bond, the number of $VALUES tokens entitled to the bonder, and vesting requirements. Binders can claim multiple rewards ($VALUES tokens) when they vest, and at the end of the vesting term, the full amount will be claimable.

Bonding is an active short term strategy. The secondary bond market price discovery mechanism makes bond discounts more or less predictable. Therefore bonding is considered a more active investment strategy that must be monitored continuously to be more profitable than staking.

Bonds allow Value to accumulate its own liquidity. We call our own liquidity  POL  . More POL ensures there is always locked out liquidity in our trading pool to facilitate market operations and protect token holders. Due to Values ​​being its own market, in addition to the added certainty for $VALUES investors, the protocol derives more revenue from the LP rewards that strengthen our treasury.

(1,1) Bond

  • 1.1 Bonds is the process of buying 1.1 Common bonds
  • Users can exchange selected tokens (usually stable coins like DAI and USDC) or live LP pairs with the Protocol in exchange for discounted $VALUES tokens.
  • This allows the Protocol to build a stablecoin reserve that helps develop the project and allows us to offer attractive APYs.
  • In return, Bonders will receive a linearly discounted supply of $VALUES tokens that can be redeemed and staked or traded.

(4,4) Bond

4.4 Bonds are very similar to (1,1) bonds with some differences

  • The payoff for the 4.4 bond is paid in sVALUES(stake $VALUES), not $VALUES
  • The Complete Value of 4.4 bonds is at stake, not separated into epochs
  • Your rewards increase as they are given, meaning you don’t have to risk them, after claiming them
  • The bonds have a vesting period of 5 days and you can claim at the end.
  • The percentage shown in the sidebar is the ROI (Return on Investment) after 5 days and not a discount.
  • The percentage details are displayed on the bond page
  • In the example below the ROI is 12.28 = 0.70% (discount) + 11.58% (Rebase reward on complete amount)

Note: When you earn sVALUES, you get rebase rewards even if you don’t claim them.

Claiming simply transfers sVALUES from the contract to your total bet amount.

Further information:

Website:   https://values.finance/Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ValuesDAODispute:   https://discord.gg/xdNKGffeY2Telegram:  https://t.me/valuesDAOby AlphonsoDavies link url ;https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122525