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SOREX uses the PLAN framework to cater for all types of financial support

As we know, automated exchange systems are also referred to as mechanical exchange systems, algorithmic exchanges, mechanical exchanges or system exchanges, allowing brokers to set explicit guidelines for exchange paths and ways which, once modified, can be executed automatically via PC.

Dealers and financial backers can turn the proper share, exit, and cashing of board rules into a mechanical exchange framework that allows PCs to execute and screen exchanges.

Perhaps the greatest appeal of the mechanization of the methodology is that it can remove some of the feeling of the exchange because the exchange is naturally positioned after certain steps are fulfilled.

How it works
Risk Free Value Fund (RFV), Buy & Sell Fees
A portion of the buying and selling fees helps maintain Sorex Treasury revenue. 5-10% of trading volume is diverted to Sorex Treasury, to help control the distribution of the Sorex Autostaking Protocol.

Staking Rewards, SRX Token
Compounds automatically with treasury backed currency with intrinsic value.

Auto Burn Program
This program starts with 10 million $SRX reserved exclusively for incineration purposes and will increase over time. In order not to become a pump and dump program, we will perform combustion operations linearly and automatically. Every week, 2-4% of the total supply will be burned. This percentage will grow over the weeks.


SOREX is a specialist robotic application supervised by Artificial Intelligence that combines close numerical extrapolation polynomials with pre-prepared forecasting time series neural organization to predict exactly the development of 300 major digital currencies and contribute naturally for you.

SOREX Highlights


Get easy income from Artificial Intelligence exchange close to pre-prepared time series hope neural organization

Crypto Exchange

Buy and sell any of the 300+ Cryptos in minutes. Exchange anywhere with security and accommodation

24/7 support

Have a problem? Just reach out. Our help group is accessible 24/7

Multiple Options

Up or Down? Anticipate where the costs will continue to bend your bets. 300+ Crypto resources for decisions.

Only 2 different ways — UP or DOWN! Explore any of the 300+ Crypto Assets and anticipate how the fees will act during the time of your choosing.

Watch the progress of the exchange continuously.

3 LVL Referral Program

Prescribe us for your friends and get in each of THREE Levels 1. LVL — 20% 2. LVL — 10% 3. LVL — 5%

NFT loan

Borrow and Borrow your NFT as collateral. Get progress in USDT, BUSD and SRX. Get a USDT or SRX advance.

Use your NFT as collateral for crypto credits with the most important advances to appreciate the proportions in the market. Get credit in USDT, BUSD or SRX and withdraw them quickly to your wallet.

Autostaking SRX protocol

Bet before delivery, Bet in your wallet — put it all over the place.

The SRX token is the core of Sorex Autostaking Protocol, the New Generation of Defi with Highest Fixed APY, collecting rewards periodically and the first — a pre-deliver get-hold-procure framework that expands your portfolio before it is delivered at a fixed rate of 2.11% daily or 204,036 ,60% per annum holding SRX.

Investment Independence

SOREX uses the PLAN framework to cater for all types of financial support.

The principle contrast between PLANs is the limit of speculation on each emphasis, which increases with each PLAN.

There are two methods to get to the SOREX speculation stage: Holding SRX or through annual installments.

How many tokens are expected for each PLAN is recalculated like clockwork to match each PLAN’s fiat cost.

This means that assuming token fees go up, any client might get the following PLAN as expected tokens will decrease.

Against the norm, clients cannot downgrade the PLAN due to changes in token fees as long as they don’t sell tokens.


SOREX will ship SRX Tokens on 21.04.2022 on 4 significant blockchains simultaneously — ETH, BSC, AVAX and FTM
Complete Supply — 1,500,000 SRX
Blockchains — ETH, BSC, AVAX, FTM
SRX Token Launch — 21.04.2022
SRX List Price — $1.00
Multiple Options — 28.02.2022
“PLANS” Venture Program — 28.02.2022
SRX Pre-shipment Staking — 03.03.2022
NFT Loans — 10.03.2022


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Website — https://sorex.io
Telegram Bounty Group — https://t.me/+9PzCQ0jAPHoyNjlk
Telegram Community — https://t.me/SOREX_Officia
Telegram Referral Program — http://t.me/SOREX_Official_BOT
Announcement Telegram — https://t.me/SOREX_Official_ANN
Twitter — https://twitter.com/SOREX_IO
Dispute — https://discord.gg/j8hU66PgPk

by AlphonsoDavies

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