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Spyrit – Fast Transaction Exchange. Yield Farms. NFT Tokens & Betting.

SpyritCoin is a digital token for building a global economy. Our Polygon network enables decentralized investment and trading capabilities across three levels of Security. Higher stakes levels will allow maximum liquidity, and one of our Economical Protocols guarantees investors direct taxes on network trading fees in the form of SpyritCoins, as well as significantly lower fees by eliminating traditional middlemen.SpyritCoin is a deflation utility token built on the Polygon network. SpyritCoin or (SPY) will be used as virtual currency in our Polygon Network. It will be used as a payment method among other utilities in online and mobile platforms.

What are spiritcoins?

SpyritCoin is a deflation utility token built on the Polygon network developed with two economical protocols; Reoccurring Tax Back to Investors, and Liquidity Acquisition.

What is UTILITY?

The utility for SpyritCoin will be used in a platform built around SPYRIT. The platform has a protocol that allows users to trade with fast transaction speeds, automatic combined bets, high yield farming, and continuous NFT betting.


DEFIApplication based on DeFi principles, to ensure a free flowing liquidity market.DEXA decentralized exchange built on the Polygon Network that allows users to buy, sell and exchange their coins or tokens securely.BRIDGEConvert your SpyritCoin from Polygon network to Spyrit Chain.Scouting & FarmingBet your SpyritCoin or NFT to earn from your farm or liquidity pool.BlockchainSpyrit Chain will be a new Layer 1 blockchain protocol focused on increasing functionality and scalability, with minimal gas costs.MetaVerseA unique story-based MetaVerse game with NFT functionality and in game NFT content, called Spyrit Realm. Developed and used in Spyrit Chain.Tokenomics
Nama Token : SpyritCoin
Jaringan : POLYGON
Pasokan : 5 MILIAR
Biaya : 10%Automatic Liquidity : 5%Devidens : 5%Roadmap
– Q3 2021
Create Website and Social Profile
Submit Smart Contract Token
Distribute Whitepaper V1
Submit Smart Contract ICO
– Q4 2021
Foster dApp
Foster Staking and Farming Protocols
Foster NFT Staking Protocol
Review and KYC
Submit Presale Smart Contract
Showcasing and Advertising Campaigns
– Q1 2022
Launch Public
SitePartnershipCoin List
Create NFT Collection
Foster Cross Chain DEX
– Q2 2022
Create Game
Blueprint Foster Spyrit Chain Network
Foster Cross Chain BridgeWebsite : https://spyritcoin.io/
Whitepaper : https://github.com/spyritcoin/SPYRIT-Paper/blob/main/SPYRIT%20PAPER.pdf
Twitter : https://twitter.com/spyritcoin
Telegram : https://t.me/spyritcoin
GitHub : https://github.com/spyritcoin
DisCord : https://discord.com/invite/xzyeMr3Rbbby AlphonsoDavies link url ;https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122525

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