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Token staking and LP farming, NFT minting, staking & marketplace.


Are you ready to start the Game? Will you be the last man or woman standing when our SquidWorld Island Metaverse Game kicks off and take home the Grand Finale Prize Pool of 30,000,000,000 SQW? Join us on this exciting journey!

Our plan is to provide you (our valued investors) a one stop portal full of latest utilities like Swap with Token staking and LP farming, NFT minting, staking & marketplace. WE ARE HERE TO STAY! The SquidWorld team aims to be one of the best (if not the only) Squid Game related meme site that will combine all the standard offerings of crypto related utilities PLUS more! P2E mini games SquidWorld and SquidWorld Metaverse Game will have you (as an investor) compete for different prizes and in the end the SquidWorld Island Metaverse Grand Finale Prize of at least 3% (of the total share of SquidWorld tokens) as the Netflix series Squid Game Season 2 approaches!

Are you sick and tired of seeing your investments scammed? We also! This is why the SquidWorld Team has decided to build this portal to restore the trust and confidence that is sorely lacking in this crypto space while keeping things decentralized!

Let’s start by thanking you for considering us! As a Team, we are committed to restoring trust and transparency in this crypto space, while at the same time providing our investors and loyal followers with a safe and trusted portal that is fun, exciting and profitable.

A well planned and well thought out project is the foundation for a successful business. We understand this. Our Core Team members are experienced business and IT professionals with a combined 50+ years of real experience in logistics & change management, information technology & business systems. We come to you with strong determination and strong motivation to take SquidWorld Token to the next level!

Problems As We See

Blockchain technology — more specifically, the meme token space — has come a long way in terms of utility and cutting-edge decentralization. However, it is a tough road filled with undertones of regulation, deception, carpet pulling, and opportunism. As investors ourselves, we understand this.

We want to change this! The issue we see in this space is not just about the Team’s ability to code its capabilities and/or implement smart contracts and/or utilities, but rather its ability to leverage existing blockchain technology and bring together the skills needed to plan, design, develop and market tokens. effectively. This is what we do every day! With the Squidworld.io Core Team, you can rest assured that your investment is SAFU and we will push this token as hard as we can to get the exposure it deserves!

Marketing Strategy and Why the Name SquidWorld

Squidworld.io is a vehicle. It’s designed for you — our Squid Game fans! The launch of the SquidWorld (SQW) token will now allow us to build on the current phenomenon that is Netflix TV Series Squid Game 2. With your help and support, we will be ready to become the meme portal for all Squid related utilities.

We are investors like you. We’ve seen time and time again, endless teams regardless of what they’ve done before, start a project, make big promises only to be victimized by personal greed and/or undermined by internal team tensions and dynamics. We don’t want to just be a Squid degen meme site! We will be your Squid Game Community token. Your support and trust are the key ingredients to make this project a success and a household name!

We are in discussions with a number of well-known marketing companies to enable the exposure we seek, but as with any startup, cost and value for money are usually part of the growing difficulty. This is why quite a lot of private funding has been injected to make things happen behind the scenes.

No more empty promises! As a loyal SquidWorld investor, you will have:

DApps and Swaps with staked SQW tokens and LP farms will be ready at Launch so our investors can start earning big rewards early on.

The SquidGame themed P2E mini game is in the final stages of development. We plan to get this out as soon as possible, but it’s not the end! Portal means exactly that. As we progress, we plan to bring you a series of P2E casino style games that will appeal to everyone’s taste buds. Think Blackjack, Roulette, Poker games with top prize pools and more

Lottery DApp is also under development and will go live as soon as proper testing and audits are completed. SQW Tokens are required to purchase to play with a contribution towards the final Jackpot Pool and some send to burn thereby reducing the total supply. The team is still considering whether the token contribution to Burn Wallet is justified considering the base contract already has an automatic 1% built-in contribution.

A collection of NFT Squid Game themed memes with minting, staking and marketplace is also available. The concept behind this strategy is to expose SquidWorld to a rapidly growing but profitable space. SQW tokens and stable coins are required to secure participation. The NFT Design Team is being recruited and initial concept discussions with our Core Team are ongoing. We want you to make money!

SquidWorld Island Metaverse Game is the ultimate adventure game that will be part of our First Chapter in this token life cycle. Yes, we have more plans! The concept behind this Game is to provide our investors with a SquidGame themed adventure game with prizes and in-game purchases leading to a Grand Finale Prize Pool of 3% of the total token supply. This can be very interesting especially if we reach our envisaged market cap when the time comes! A new SquidWorld Island website will be built to facilitate this.

Wake Up and They Will Come! This is our motto. With your support and loyalty, we will take advantage of the upcoming SquidGame Netflix TV Series move that will catapult us to where we want to be — The One and Only Portal for all Squid-related utilities with real value to our investors!

Market Sentiment

One of our main hurdles when we come together as a Team is how do we restore trust, transparency and values ​​to the Community? There is no easy way to get around this especially when you (as an investor) have been bombarded with so many empty promises to date. As we mentioned earlier, we are investors just like you. We understand your fears and reservations. This is why we have invested our hard earned money into development even before the token hits the market. Let us cooperate with us. Give us your support and trust, and we guarantee you will have a Core Team that puts your interests first!

Token Name: SquidWorld

Token Symbol: SQW

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 (One Quadrillion)

Decimal: 9 decimal points

Chain: BSC Chain

Tax Details: 10% Buy and Sell

BURNING: 1% for burning wallets (dead addresses).
REFLECTION: 2% generous reflection automatically to all holders.
WALLET REWARD: 1% to Prize Wallet (in addition to the 5% already in the wallet. Grand Finale Prize winners from the Squid World Island Metaverse game will be guaranteed a prize of at least 3%)
TIM: 1% Team wallet.
LIQUIDITY: 2% Liquidity.
MARKETING: 3% Marketing Wallet.
Max Wallet Storage is 3%
Max Buy 0.5% & Max Sell 0.5% per transaction
No Wallet to Wallet Internal Tax
Total Token Supply Allocation Details

17% allocated for Staking Contract/Wallet. Rewards will be in SQW Tokens

16.3% allocated to Liquidity Pool (lock for 183 days)

4.4% allocated to Personal Sales (including 10% bonus)

2.3% allocated to the Partnership (this will be the right)

30% allocated for Presale Pinksale

10% allocated to the future CEX Listing Fund (we need tokens for listing)

5% allocated for Marketing (community giveaways, airdrops, social media hype)

5% allocated to the Prize Wallet (with 3% for the SquidWorld Island Grand Final Prize &

2% balance plus 1% on reflection for lotteries and games)

6% allocated to Team Wallet (this will be given for 3 months)

4% is allocated to the Development Wallet as an incentive to recruit future talent

Phase 1

Core Team Orientation

Information Website Release

Smart Contracts Audited & Implemented

KYC Project Lead (InterFi Network & AnonyDoxx)

Doxxed Team Member (internal)

White Paper Release

Social Media & Community Settings

Start Pre Launch Marketing

Influencer Partnership

AMA & Marketing Partnership

Community Airdrops & Rewards

Twitter & Telegram Competition

Phase 2

Start Private Selling (20 BNB)

Start the Pink Sales Launch

Start Marketing Stage 1

Launch on PancakeSwap

Exchange & Staking Platform Release

Mini Release P2E SquidGame Game Theme

Starting NFT Platform Development

Start Lottery & Sweepstakes Platform Development

Telegram & Twitter Biggest Purchases & Buybacks Comps

Apply for CMC & CG List

Phase 3

Lottery & Sweepstakes Platform Release

Update & Release New “Squid Game Island” Interactive Website

Start Marketing Stage 2

Squid Game Release NFT Staking / Minting / Marketpalce

Starting the Development of the SquidWorld Island Metaverse Game

Start Discussion with CEX

Start Development of Multichain Bridge platform

Start Discussions with Netflix Series SquidGame

Identify Real World Uses for SquidWorld Tokens

Phase 4

SquidWorld Pulau Island Metaverse Game Platform Release

Start Marketing Stage 3

Apply for CERTIK Audit

Grand Finale Prize Winner Announced

Securing & Activating Real World Utility Partnerships

Update Whitepaper & more to come!

Core Team Member
CryptoK21 — Founder & Project Leader

KryptoK21 has 25+ years in operations, business management, human resources, managing IT business systems/networks as well as backend & frontend web development. Have been interested in crypto since 2014. KYC with InterFi Network & AnnonyDoxx and committed to bringing this project to the moon!

Manager — Founder & Head of Strategy

Managers have a long track record of working in the IT industry. He has been in the Crypto space since 2017. He started his own closed TG community in 2018, “Scandinavian Crypto Pubtalk”. He has been the founder of several previous BSC projects.

J 3 C — COO & Core Team

J3C has 15+ years in business management. He has owned & operated many successful businesses. Specializing in PR work, team building, marketing and business development, and strategic business planning. Glad to be a part of a real crypto project and really care about its investors.

Developer Team — Experienced Blockchain & Game Developer

Two proven and experienced crypto development companies with over 30 developers have joined forces to help develop the roadmap utility. Smart contract and frontend integration will be done by the in-house Developer & Project Lead team


Squid World is one of the best projects I’ve seen so far. This project precedes the others. Since everything in this project is very clear, it can be said that the future of this project is very bright. Hopefully investors can benefit when investing in the project. Since this project is going according to plan so far, I think this project will be much better. Because yes, but most of these big investors have invested in the project. I think the future of this project is bright.

Website and contact details
Website: https://www.squidworld.io/

Whitepaper: https://www.squidworld.io/Squidworld_Litepaper.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SquidWorldTeam

Telegram: https://t.me/SquidWorldOfficial

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUKHuF9vqAtFFqpkFTTLxhg

by AlphonsoDavies
link url ;https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3122525

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