Unifinity is a revolutionary platform for education management systems 

Hello good evening everyone. The world of cryptography is increasingly in demand by many people today. Cryptocurrency was born because of the time that makes it easy for people to make transactions in the digital world. We know that we are very busy using the internet for transaction convenience or other purposes. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of world cryptocurrency, a project was  born  . Uniformity is very promising and also expected, namely: 
High   quality education and aspiring
Technology is the key to the development and economic growth of a country. Most companies now require their employees to complete a certain level of study, even a degree to get a higher salary, and certain skills as a minimum requirement. Although there are many challenges in every household that prevent a student from being able to pay for their studies, tuition is one of the reasons why a student chooses to drop out of school.
Broadly speaking, the concept of Unifinity is to create the first decentralized application that supports all universities by providing accessibility and technology using blockchain technology. UNIFINITY aims to create the first decentralized application by which universities and schools of various sizes can quickly implement the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts for different requirements. They believe that blockchain technology can be used today as a powerful tool to improve education and learning management systems. Please note that Unifity is based in the Philippines or at Marco Polo Ortigas Center Pasig City in the Philippines on the 19th floor.

We believe that blockchain technology can be used as a powerful tool to improve the current education system and learning management system. DAPP UNIFINITY allows users; like parents, students andUniversity management to get complete and easy insight and control over all related data. UNIFINITY created DAPP as a dynamic interface that connects all innovation partners and blockchain processes with each other to enable infrastructure with integrated tools. In the end, universities can manage the function and application of the blockchain at a very low cost and in the most optimal timeframes.

UNIFINITY realizes that technology is the core of our daily life and work, and therefore uses technology to give students an interesting and powerful learning experience. Resources and assessments measure the performance of students who value students each time they add to the specific skills or knowledge they have acquired in courses on the UNIFINITY platform. This is a revolutionary transformation that focuses on supporting the education system.

Provides ways for parents to track and monitor

their payments,
ensure that payments are sent directly to the

university at an affordable cost,
providing the ability to monitor student performance

and attendance.
Using tokens that will be provided in smart contracts

will function as a timeless digital timestamp
with blockchain.
There is no

text alternatives are provided for this image. PURPOSE AND VISION

UNIFINITY focuses on providing technical support and services to educational institutions to support academic and administrative processes through smart contracts that facilitate data sorting, tracking, monitoring activities, and student attendance. All this happens through the use of tokens as a form of virtual fingerprints and anti-destructive timestamps, and by giving incentives and prizes to every student working on the application.

To complete application development and to bring universities, colleges and schools around the world who do not have access to high-quality learning applications and registration management systems.

Provide accessibility to parents by giving them instruments to continue their studies and accessibility to manage their finances with fast, secure payments at a low cost.

Encourage more students to continue their studies and learn the right investments by giving them access to professional courses offered by leading universities.

Provides an opportunity for universities to issue fake blockchain certificates and fraud prevention blockchain IDs, which also function as wallets where users can use them with several retail partners through smart contracts in various applications.

Benefits of Unifinity
Secure and Anti-Fraud  Applications

Gives universities the opportunity to issue blockchain counterfeiting certificates and anti-fraud blockchain ID cards that also act as wallets and can be used by different trading partners using smart contracts in a variety of different applications.

With their own blockchain technology, they can reduce the transaction costs required. This is different from using the Ethereum blockchain or similar platform, which is influenced by the number of transactions and block size and makes transaction costs unpredictable.

With Unifinity, universities can eliminate things that are not important to provide information to parents and students. Optimize the education system to be more efficient and less complicated than before.

Based on the road map on the official website, the project began in 2018.  And only this year it was officially published and presented at the token49 Ethereum SuperMeetUP and Unchain Conversion events. And the latest information they plan to hold their first engagement with the University of Cebu.

Oh yes, Unifinity also has a shop. Unifinity services that act as a market and make it easy for students to buy their needs. For those of you who want to sell their goods, you can register your store directly on the store’s official website. Unifinity is open to the public. Now you can use common crypto coins like btc, eth, bch and dash with free registration and payment. Join Unifinity to develop a better education system.


A decentralized online education platform designed to support academic and administrative processes to simplify data sorting using smart contracts. It offers several solutions to the most common problems faced by universities / schools, professors, parents and students.

This tool is a platform that encourages users to monitor their finances using financial tools. This automates the monthly transfer process. Track and automate future payments to avoid invoice delays.


A decentralized mobile application through which users (ie parents, teachers, students, and administrators) can access the system

mobile or tablet as well as the desktop version. One of the most logical uses for blockchain is to speed up the transfer of money from one party to another,

in this case a direct payment solution for parents and universities.


Platform that makes it easy to review and make certificates and blockchain-based IDs and make them available to institutions, governments, and businesses to increase productivity, time, and personnel to reduce certification while avoiding fraud.

FOR MORE INFORMATIONWebsite:  https://unifinity.io/ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5252700.0Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-5tQwYOP6JQQIgZfZ5Ez6bMfz4qJ4OTM/view?usp=drivesdkFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnifinityphTwitter: https://twitter.com/unifinity_phTelegram: https://t.me/unifinityMedium: https://medium.com/@unifinityphLinkedin: https://linkedin.com/company/unifinity.ioYoutube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo5XaBsLqA7I307JLhcAz0Q by Bulnama72link url   ;https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2653697

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