gold as a digital currency in the cryptocurrency world

Although our world continues to grow and develop, there is still room for traditional sources of profit. Where people have been investing for centuries. And of course I’m referring to the gold mining industry. I don’t think it is necessary to study history and determine the time when the industry was born, because we all remember that people started using gold a long time ago.However, this does not make it any less attractive now. After all, besides jewelry, gold is used in the space industry, in medicine and in many other places. Therefore, the demand for the extraction, purchase and use of gold in daily life has not fallen today. And you can also say it’s growing. As statistics show, the cost per 1 gram of gold continues to increase for the entire period of time. This means that it remains the most valuable resource where people invest with special enthusiasm throughout the world.But for this investment to keep abreast of the times, the founders of GoLd Digital are ready to offer us all new, more transparent, reliable and safe tools for investing in the gold mining sector and specifically gold mining. This tool is called GLDS. Actually, I want to talk to you in more detail now.About the projectTo be honest, the overall essence of the project concept is the synergy of traditional resources with modern technology represented by a block structure of a decentralized network, in which the main element is the GLDS token. The function and value of the token itself will be supported by 0.02 grams of gold extracted from the existing GoLd Digital company.This combination will not only bring new conditions, as I said, more reliable, transparent and safer to the traditional business vision of a gold mining company, but will also expand the limits of opportunity for all those who wish to invest in this sector. Use of digital resources as work tools.

the benefitsTo make this part of your income an integral part of your investment portfolio, GoLd Digital’s founders will present their internal GLDS tokens. Which, like all gold in the world, will have limited problems. In addition, from the beginning of November 2020, the project founders plan to start purchasing their coins every quarter at market prices from their investors to provoke additional demand for their coins.Which in my opinion is a very appropriate and right decision. At the same time, for those who strongly doubt the company’s performance, its founders are ready to give you an extraordinary opportunity to observe the gold mining process. Which you can observe thanks to the camera mounted on the object. The action works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.To add to this list of benefits, a clear expenditure plan for funds to be received by the company at the time of a public sale is also in a hurry. Where really every dollar is painted on points. For what and for what the money will be spent. And this I want to talk to you about many things.Conclusion But so as not to be too unfounded, I suggest you make sure personally. After all, you can get all the necessary and more detailed information about GoLd Digital and GLDS using official resources, as well as technical documents. The link I left at the end of this article.I hope that this small review of yours attracts your attention and you will be interested in getting to know GoLd Digital. If so, click Like and leave your comments in more detail in this account. And for this I salute you until my next review! September 2019 ● Obtain licenses and permits ● Obtain licenses for gold exploration and production by Kalbatau Inter Gold LLP ● Acquisition of gold and placer deposits: Eastern Kazakhstan Region, Zharma District, 10 Kentarlau blocks, 4 Balyktykol blocks September 2019 – October 2019 Geological exploration Results Geological exploration work on terraces and valleys of gold placers confirms placer gold reserves of 800 kg and more. October 2019 ● Start working in the field ● Production of experimental pilots in the field has begun. ● Long-term long-term plans for gold mining for 2020-2023 has been drawn up ● A business plan for the project has been drawn up ● The preparatory phase for launch has begun.November 2019 ● Registration of the LLP NURSULTAN GOID company. Choice of gold ore and placer gold deposits in the East Kazakhstan Region, Zharma district, Ushbiik settlement. 25 blocks. ● Preparation of documents for obtaining gold exploration and mining permits has begun. December 2019 ● Holding Private Sales ● Successfully completing the Private Sale project. 1,500,000 GLDS tokens sold (including a 50% bonus), total cost – 1,000,000 USDJanuary-February 2020 ● Launch of PR and marketing campaigns ● Implementation of marketing programs to attract the maximum number of participants to the project ● Run a gift program. ● Implementation of marketing activities on social networks, as well as in business and crypto media. February 2020 ● Company registration “GoLd Didital Standart Corporation Limited”, ● Hong Kong Incorporation into GoLd Didital Standart companies ● Corporation Limited from Kalbatau Inter Gold LLP and NURSULTAN GOID LLP.February 2020 – August 2020 ● ICO ● Launch of the main round of the ICO project. emergence of trade pairs BTC / GLDS, ETH / GLDS and other pairs on the exchange. ● The specific address of the site will be announced additionally in project news on the website and on social networks. June 2020 ● Output 100% ● Output 100% of gold mining capacity in deposit according to the production plan (expected number is 40,500 grams per month until November 2020). November 2020 ● Transition to winter mode of operation. End of active production period, field conservation. November 2020 ● Token repurchase program Launches a token repurchase program at market prices. From $ 150,000 to $ 350,000 will be allocated every three months to repurchase tokens. December 2020 ● Payment of the project bonus April April – 2021 ● Preparing to start work. ● Resumption of gold mining in deposits Start gold mining in second deposits ● Mining plans are based on project introduction parameters and gold content from placer deposits ● Active production will be conducted from May to October 2021 Our team is Nikolay Navtalyan Own. CEOEskendir ZaripovA geologistAlena NarinyaniCmoEdition of EkaterinaHead of SMMAskar NursultanovTEN “GOLD NURSULTAN” Yaroslav anishchenkoCTO. Development and BlockchainAinur NursultanovaCFO. EconomistAlexander VilganovAccounting Manager Kainemov EthnicTALU «Kalbatau Inter Gold» Denis perepelitsynProfessional developerVitaliy pryahinEkonomAc oborotnev’s article CEOEskendir ZaripovAhli geologiAlena NarinyaniCmoPenemuan EkaterinaKepala SMMAskar NursultanovTERLALU “NURSULTAN EMAS” Yaroslav anishchenkoCTO. Pengembangan dan BlockchainAinur NursultanovaCFO. EkonomAlexander VilganovManajer AkuntansiAsetem KainemovTERLALU “Kalbatau Inter Gold” Denis perepelitsynPengembang seniorVitaliy pryahinEkonomArtem oborotnev CEOEskendir ZaripovAhli geologiAlena NarinyaniCmoPenemuan EkaterinaKepala SMMAskar NursultanovTERLALU “NURSULTAN EMAS” Yaroslav anishchenkoCTO. Pengembangan dan BlockchainAinur NursultanovaCFO. EkonomAlexander VilganovManajer AkuntansiAsetem KainemovTERLALU “Kalbatau Inter Gold” Denis perepelitsynPengembang seniorVitaliy pryahinEkonomArtem oborotnevInformation Development:Website: Reviews: Bulnama72 link url ;;u=2653697

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