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 Information about DABANKING

Is that dabanking?

One of the first Dapp products from DABANKING is the FomoJackpot lottery program based on blockchain technology together with Game Dapp collectively called FomoGame, which helps participants not only entertain after a tiring day but also at the same time increase their income in an easy way. FomoGame is an independent DApp system in the DABANKING ecosystem built on the Blockchain Ethereum. The DAB token mining system and the FomoGame system are 2 independent systems so users must register an account for each system in order to use both platforms.

Dabanking is  ready to become a blockchain service platform   that will support game application development   . As part of its goal of achieving its main goal,  Dabanking launched its first product,  Fomojackpot  , which aims to explain  the gaming industry  . In fact, the Dabanking project is based on the use of blokcheyne based games   , entertainment and assistance to players with alternative income ways on the Internet, as long as they do what they can,  and want to do it.

FomoJackpot  is the first and foremost product of the  decentralized DABANKINGapplication  . DApp  is a lottery program developed and used on the  blockchain . FomoJackpot  is one of the profitable blockchain games   , which allows players around the world to receive passive income with  a small initial amount.

FomoJackpot Requirements

To  participate  in the DABANKING platform   , such as playing  the fomoJackpot  lottery  game  , participants must install the Metamask Wallet plugin   (web browser extension) on their computer, or  TrustWallet  on their mobile. Because  Ethereum is  required to buy tickets, players must have  an ETH  in their wallet  .

How to play

The fomoJackpot game is   divided into two segments or rounds that depend on the countdown clock selected. This is a  Green Clock  , which is set at 24 hours, and  Gold Clock  , which is also set to less than 24 hours.

To get the chance to win the  lottery  , players must buy a ticket at  0.002 ETH  . Each ticket purchase  increases the clock  backwards  reverse for 30 seconds  . The simple rule is that the earlier you buy a ticket, the more you win. In addition, the price of  tickets  gradually   gradually increased when the  Golden Watch  began. Therefore, it is recommended to buy  tickets  as soon as possible if you want to participate.

There are three types of wallets called ENERGY WALLET which are specifically designed to mine DAB tokens. You must get this wallet if you have to take part in the DAB mining program. These three wallets are MINAL WALLET, GREEN WALLET and GOLD WALLET. These three wallets each have a special function to do in the mining process of DAB tokens. However, before a user can successfully complete the DAB token mining process, it is mandatory that TREASURY PACKAGED be purchased and activated.


TREASURI PACKAGE is an important aspect of DAB mining, users are permitted to purchase TREASURI PACKAGES in an amount of not less than $ 200 in ETH amounts. They can also buy as much as $ 5,000 depending on the decision of the developer who has access to a tool that determines the maximum number of TREASURY packages that a person can buy per time. When TREASURY PACKAGED is activated, the GOLD WALLET will add 800% of the package value paid by the user and GREEN WALLET will add 200% of the package value to the first package purchase and also add 100% of the package value package to the second package and will continue in that pattern .

There are 3 energy wallets that need to be considered to be able to exploit the DAB token:

Gold Wallet

Green Wallet

Wallet Mining

The DAB Token mining process will increase the difficulty from time to time based on the minimum value of “Mining Wallet” to be able to do DAB Token Mining. You can use up to a maximum of 400% of the “Mining Wallet” value compared to your own “Treasury Package” to mine DAB Tokens.


However,  much has been achieved that this is not the end. Dabanking is  trying to immediately present its   own blockchain . They also have plans to present more games on   their blockchain to increase their income in  the game ecosystem .

Steps   have also been taken to improve the FomoDice game   to attract more players to its  ecosystem  . From what we discussed earlier,  DABANKING  clearly has something different for  the crypto community and games.


Good projects have a well-described and feasible roadmap  . It shows plans for the future of the project, and can also help investors identify promising projects. Below is a graphical representation of where  Dabaking will  go in a few years.



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